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Booyah [30 Dec 2008|11:46pm]
What is this funny website? I guess I'll type into this box for a while. Not too much new to report from the last 7 months. Except plenty of stuff, which I'm sure you heard about.
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Sometimes one admits defeat gracefully.... [25 Jul 2008|01:10am]
As I did a few months ago, when remitting my 2007 WA fisheries catch card:

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A veritable soliloquoy [19 Jul 2008|05:39pm]
So here Alece and I are at the U-Village Zoka, which is as nice a temple to hedonism, creativity, and civility as you could hope to find. I have for you a delectable assortment of pictures from the last couple of weeks, especially of us doing things you didn't necessarily read about in that post where I combined beverages for science.

Actually, here's a picture of Alece now. We both wear headphones to jam out - me while programming and writing this sort of thing, she while doing homework, and we don't take them out to talk, because I know just enough sign language for us to be able to communicate whatever small thing needs to be shared while working.

This is the coffee shop where Delicious Monster works, and that's extra cool today because I just this morning exported my delicious library from that best-ever mac program.

Earlier this week, I realized I have at least half-assedly, more often enthusiastically, tried just about every single creative human endeavor save sushi. So, time to do sushi - I let Alece help.

You gotta cut em... long.

And then it's ridiculously hard to moosh the rice down flat.

Mostly the cutting is easy though.

There is nothing I wouldn't try to roll into a little rice-cylinder for this smile.

So that was pretty awesome. The sushi, wide cucumber-mushroom rolls with brown rice, came out alright for the first try. (I was pretty convinced there wasn't going to be a viable final product...) So that was a blast. I'll try again pretty soon, but the rice cooker - honorary third member of the sushi team - needs kind of a lot of advanced notice.

But before that even happened, we went canoeing. Here is a few frames of it:


This is a heron on Lake Washington fulfilling its biological imperative by acting weird.

The tour of the lake and an arboreal strait we call 'Duck Valley' includes a sack lunch.

Then Alece tried to climb a wall on the way home. She did pretty well, but not like, Spiderman well.

So all in all, we've been making ourselves busy, then when we get some breathing space, we keep getting busy. It's been a pretty fantastic few weeks. There are some upcoming visits that we're excited about, too.

Topics? Sushi ideas? Don't like how the thumbnails of the pictures are? Comment, yoez.
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Programming Fuel [16 Jul 2008|11:43am]

3 ice cubes
1 cup soy milk
1 cup coffee (lukewarm)
1 cup soda


Pour Coffee over ice. Needs cream, so pour milk over coffee and shake the glass around sadly, because it's only about half full. You're thirsty, but instead of pouring in more milk or making a new batch of coffee, pour in like a half can of soda.

Now, my friend, you are ready for anything.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE [06 Jul 2008|03:24pm]
Alece and I are sitting in a pretty fantastic cafe in Ballard after doing the farmer's market thing, and we just Wordled her blog:

Notice anything? Am I in there??? Actually, yes:

Booyah! There I am. You might have to zoom in a little to see, though.

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Wordle-ized [06 Jul 2008|01:48am]
I made a Wordle of this blog so far:

And I think it says volumes. The funniest part is 'Brad Parade'. He's parading in front of a lot of pastries, these days.

We went to Tillicum Village, and it was every bit as awesome as I'd hoped. I'm freaking exhausted!

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Hey kids [28 Jun 2008|08:08pm]
As promised, here's another post, talking about actual events that actually occurred. To me.

So over the first weekend of June, I visited my mother state of Maryland. I hadn't been there in more or less forever, and it was great to see every one. It was a very matriarchal weekend - I saw my grandmothers, and that was cool. It was fantastic to see my parents and Joe doing really well in a thousand respects. My grandmother, Bubbles, isn't doing so hot, though. Medical science is doing what it can, I guess. I'm worried about her though. My parents are having her over to watch TiVo while she's recovering, though, so that's good. It was a happy family time, and that was badass.

Then like a couple days back in Seattle, and Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan came to visit Alece and I and bring us on a road trip to California. Not the California we're coming to know and admire - Frisco, that is - but the wilderness of Redwood National Park. We hiked and talked and drove and hacked and drank and fished, and it was great. Really very calming and beautiful. We hit Portland, Crater Lake, and Tacoma on the way there and back, and when we came back to Seattle, it was the Fremont Fair. Which was awesome.

So to tell you the truth, I'm exhausted. Of fun, that is. I've had so much fun, it's coming out of my ears, and so Alece and I are working all weekend. Sort of - the kind of work where you're doing it while you update your livejournal. Even this is really work when Alece is conducting a '90s power hour' to get herself through a paper.

But hey, I wanted to post to say I've had a blast - thanks for all the quality time, everyone I vacationed with - and that we're good. Not too much going on otherwise - work rocks, D&D on Tuesday, all that routine stuff that I usually mention 'rocking' here.

PS. Tomorrow we're going to the Seattle Pride Parade, cause we're gay for civil rights!
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I totally forgot about this place [27 Jun 2008|10:48am]
Sup y'all,

I forgot about this crazy site until I read Alece and Brad and Chris and Emory were like, totally killing my Seattle blogger ethic by posting stuff left and right. So this post is just to congratulate them on that, and to let you know to watch this space for another, actual, substantial post soon.

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Missing Herself at Zoka [25 May 2008|12:38pm]
Hey all,

Alece is living it up in Maryland this weekend and this guy:

Is getting some work done at Cafe Zoka. Not a terrible consolation prize really. The Northwest Folklife festival was this weekend and were Alece here we'd almost certainly be living it up there, though this year there are no Scissor Dancers! Someone did, however, get shot.

In the context of folk life, one does not often shoot a stranger. On a city block, a public space where strangers cross paths; sure. But in earlier days I don't think there was much shooting of strangers. If I were a folk life critic, I'd go as far as to say that the festival broke a cardinal norm of the genre. We weren't there when it happened and according to the news they're fine, so that's good on two counts. But come on, that doesn't often happen here. The Needle is usually channeling good vibes.

That's all I've got - back to real work, thanks for reading. Reading is good, work's good, playing the last two videogames that Alece got me (Smash Brothers and Mariokart) has been cool. Now accepting suggestions for blog posts, as things are quietly great for Alece and I.
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Less talking, more picturing [12 May 2008|07:57pm]

Me and my new invention, the Aerogarden with stuff.

The secret is in the patent-pending stuff, which hold up the beans and prevents them from going all crazy and shit.

It's working! The future of the stuff market is hot - invest heavily and often.

Things we made from clay.
bonus - who did what?
double bonus - what's the red thing?
triple bonus - what's the yellow thing?

The future is here, and we're here too, and here is Seattle.

And here also

A futurist from last weekend

A picture from when we were younger

New pants
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Latency [27 Apr 2008|03:01pm]
As I understand it, I haven't posted here in like, a whole month. Ho man! I'm not ashamed or proud, mostly I'm just trying to remember what else was going on that was so important. Guesses, based on photos found in my phone:

Trying to keep Alece warm - putting your feet on the heater isn't enough, the real efficacy is the blanket.

Lucille Clifton! She came to stay at Anne Frank's hiding spot, and read some poetry and shot the bull with us. It was pretty awesome.

Playing D&D!! It's a great campaign we've got going, and it's good to leave 3.5 with a bang. These guys are smiling because they've definitely bested the system.

Working hard, like some sort of Atlas whose burden is data. Or maybe not, maybe I just play with the desk toys on my windowsill..

First class to San Francisco - all the grapes, cheese, and coffee with Bailey's you can consume in two hours.

And the guys who made it possible, on a Frisco trolley.

And hey, more D&D! They look consternated, I think I'm winning.

So that's April in pictures. Thanks for looking!
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Groovy [29 Mar 2008|06:51pm]
Y'all know I'm good.

Now accepting requests...
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Business [16 Mar 2008|10:13am]
Hey there time- and space-cadets,

Stuff's been great. Alece's valentine's day present to me was a preordered Super Smash Brothers, the game wii have been waiting for. It's been a lot of that lately, let me tell you. So that's cool. Seattle plays a lot of games.

Alece and I are in the beginning phases of planning our next big trip. It won't be till spring of 2009. Ho man, that's exciting.

We're just kind of hanging out then, not much else is new. Mostly I'm posting to share my SSB friend code, which is (3265 4775 7867). See you there!

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A good week for progress [17 Feb 2008|11:32pm]
Hey all,

Slow week around here as Alece whooped some ass on midterms. Not too much else happened - I got some great presents for Valentine's Day, so that was cool too.

On Friday, we went bowling with some of Alece clasmates, and that was a lot of fun. Alece has good classmates. I bowled over 100 which is pretty great if your strategy is to throw the ball real hard at the first pin. Oh! Speaking of bowling, we actually went to a theater to see a movie, which hasn't happened for us in Seattle for a good long time. We say There Will be Blood, a documentary about real estate, oil wells, and milkshakes. It was pretty good!

I also got to play the StarCraft board game. I don't know if the computer game was as many lines (of code) as the rulebook, but I do know that the analog version was, in fact, fun.

So there were the highlights. Hooray for them! We're having fun and a solution to our leaky sink might be on the horizon. If you don't know about this, you must be living underground; it's like, all over youtube these days.

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Hope we can all believe in [10 Feb 2008|02:32pm]
Hey all you out there in time and space,

I played a lot of games this week! So many, it made me practically very sick. I'm resting up this weekend, but also we went to our local democratic party caucus to vote for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is going to win, and he's going to lead this country right out of the defendant's bench and straight into a human pride parade. He's going to pull us out of the war, he's going to bring back accountability, he's going to be upfront and honest to us about his foreign policy, his sensible immigration reforms, and his bold healthcare initiatives. He's going to do all of this because he says he is, and because he's honest. If you want to hear it, in fact, Lawrence Lessig has a cool 20 minute video on why he thinks Obama is the correct choice.

Not too much going on otherwise, I'm being well-taken-care of, currently in the context of a coffee shop. This one's another new one to us, Trabant on the Ave. We sure like coffeeshops. It's almost suspicious that we come to one every sunday. Why?
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Doing Things; having stuff [03 Feb 2008|03:25pm]
Hi everybody,

Quiet week around here. Alece has been learning hard and is considering an upcoming school trip that would be a big commitment. Joe's doing well despite the hassle from The Man, Emory got a job at Microsoft, and Brad's forming his own great Westward expansion. I'm jealous of everyone's asskicking, and while I've been trying to keep up by maintaining a Goodreads library and a geek blog, it isn't quite the generativity that my peers have got going. Since this is America and god bless it we're all in one big enormous competition, I hereby pledge to redouble my efforts at just about everything.

We did volunteer on Saturday at the Heart Ball. It was pretty cool, lots of stuff I'd have bid on if I was serious about doing my part. Hah! We got to help plenty. After that, quick trip shopping and to Pike Place for sandwiches and another Washington Merlot for February's wine of the month.

I hope Microsoft does buy Yahoo, because I don't like either one of them. Time was I used them both, but when you like to check your mail without crashing your machine you just need more options on both sides.

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Status: Quo [27 Jan 2008|07:49pm]
Hey all, everything proceeding as usual with the exception that I'm updating, as you may have noted, weekly. I don't know why! Hundreds of eons from now, three-fingered aliens will be sorting through our hard-drives and internet-caches, and they'll be like, "well it's not as if this guy didn't update his live-journal regularly, I mean it was likely not his fault that the nuclear-war decimated the earth-people" and damned if they won't be correct. I'll note that of however few readers I have, I read their blogs religiously. In fact, it's completely guaranteed that if you're reading this and you were to start a blog, I'd read it, and then afterward I might have more to talk about. It's possible.

Work's good, Alece is great. When I say I'm busy I actually mean 'Busy putting excess creative energy into projects', so I should have mentioned this before. When I presently say that Alece is busy, I mean that her professors are working her poor brain into the ground, but she does pretty well with that, and her breaks coincide with distracting me from my goofy projects to go out.

So, this weekend I got to try another Washington wine(Barnard/Griffin Columbia Valley Cab/Merlot, three stars), a new sushi place (Sushi Village at 50th Ave NE and Brooklyn, four stars), and got taken to coffee at Cafe Allegro, an old favorite. So that was awesome, what a fantastic weekend. Hope yours was great.

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What [20 Jan 2008|11:28pm]
What has two thumbs, no spare time, and is enjoying everything immensely?

All that has transpired has done so according to my plan. I came home cranky on Friday but Alece fixed that quick. Everyone I know including you, my reader, is/are kicking ass. If there's anything I can do to help you kick more ass, you just let me know. I want everyone to kick ass. Work is super-challenging and Alece is winning at school and I've got to see people I ain't seen in forever. Also, I tried Tabbouleh tonight and it was awesome - kind of like mashed-up gardenburgers. Alece is a very good cook if you haven't had the opportunity yet. Anyway, I haven't got too much to say. This weekend I learned that Cafe Ladro is awesome and Washington Merlots are also fantastic. It's easy to tell when someone is happy with life when you're so used to everything else being overwhelmingly good that you're concerned with how great food and drink is. That's a content person.

I got the penultimate supplies for a new Settlers board today. It's going to be even better than the last three, and damned if it isn't going to be mostly leather.

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I do not have to update this Livejournal! [12 Jan 2008|12:58pm]
Only when I have something to say. Today, this is what I have to say: I can at least tell you that all told it was a good week, I'm really glad Alece is getting her learn on, and I got a lot of sleep. Oh, my savage plant beasts are officially never, ever, going to grow. What's the deal!?! Alece's computer is going all wonky in the Bluetooth so that's something I get to fix. And I've wrapped up a couple more projects and again pledged never to start anymore. And I am the undisputed chess champion of http://www.gamesbyemail.com/ and you should challenge me to a game so I can wipe the checkered floor with you.

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Good year so far [08 Jan 2008|03:05pm]
Hey all,

Alece is at her second day of classes for the quarter. I stayed home sick on account of this sinus thing we've been cultivating, which affords me the opportunity to update on a weekday afternoon! Never has a cloud had a more silvered lining.

Work is good, I've just put some stuff into code about Prednisone tapers. Oh, I went to a cocktail party on Friday and met some interesting people with interesting drinks. This weekend is going to be some kind of D&D bonanza, which, if you are into that sort of thing, is pretty stellar.

I've been putting lots of stuff on the 'other blog' which is more of a professional sort of endeavor, for no good reason really other than to get it out there.

I can't say as we've been following the nominations, but we heard Barack Obama might get the democratic one. Well, that's baffling, and also exciting. I can't say I really advocate voting for democrats or republicans, but this Obama guy is good enough, I guess. I've never seen him driving a tractor or holding a gun, so he clearly isn't catering to the same people usually catered to.

Here's hoping your everything is great!

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